TAKE CARE !! Safer Sex Project



For thirteen years, the members of TAKE CARE!! have distributed safer sex packs, for free, to Pattaya’s gay bars, Dongtan Beach concessions and other venues to help prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs among sex workers and their customers. When we started, the issue of safer sex in Pattaya’s gay community was intermittently attended to by a few organizations.In addition to providing condoms, lube and instructional information, we endeavored to keep the importance of safer sex practices in the consciousness of those who patronize gay venues, the young men who work in them and the foreigners who support us. Our web site strived to provide information and resources regarding prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and other STIs. TAKE CARE!! is proud to have consistently provided these resources to the community, without interruption, for well over a decade.

Over the years, we have distributed over 200,000 safer sex packs; that’s 400,000 condoms and 200,000 lube sachets, to almost 100 venues, including bars, massage parlors, gay saunas, guest houses and beach concessions.. We were able to do this through annual fundraisers, quiz nights and donations from generous supporters. From time to time, we were fortunate to receive supplies and/or cash contributions from various NGO’s.

More recently, the Thai government seems to be making strides in getting the word out on the importance of using condoms and lube.In addition, there now seem to be more Thai NGO’s providing safer sex supplies to the population most in need. Free testing is much more readily available than in the past; and the government covers antiretroviral treatment under its medical program. According to a recent article in The Nation, new HIV infections have decreased by 50% over the last six years, the biggest decline in Asia and the Pacific. This is undoubtedly due to the government’s effort and various other organizations. We at TAKE CARE!! would like to think we had at least a small part in this good news.Of course, all the good work won’t be finished until the new infection rate is down to zero.

With a tinge of sadness, the members of TAKE CARE!! have determined that now is the time for us to cease operations. Therefore, as of 31 December 2017, TAKE CARE!! will no longer exist. We will continue to make our distributions until that time. Whatever funds remain in our account will be donated for education, prevention and/or treatment of HIV/AIDS, preferably in the Pattaya area. The recipient(s) will be determined and announced at a later date.

We’d like to thank all of the venues that participated in our program; and the individuals and organizations that helped us by contributing money, time, material (such as posters) and, of course, all those great prizes for our lucky draws, as well as, all of those who attended our fund raisers and quiz nights.Special appreciation goes to Dr. Philippe Seur, who originally suggested the idea of TAKE CARE!!

The members of TAKE CARE!! wish you all the best. Always play safe!

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